What is Nimbooks

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I like traditional animation, 3D and all kinds of things inbetween.
Nimbooks is eReading Simplified, Social and Fun. All your eBooks under the same roof. At last.

We were fortunate enough to do the introductory video for this kickass new service for digital readers. It's always a pleasure when the client not only gives you complete freedom to do what you want but the service you're advertising is so useful and refined.

We poured all we had on this video, and it's chock full of pretty well hidden visual puns and gags, see if you can catch them all!

Creative & Art Direction by The Woork Co - www.thewoork.co
Technical Direction & Animation by Zenzuke
Music & Audio Design by Jesús Cezón
Script Copywriting by Ángela Medina - angelamedina.dunked.com
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