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    Gab Ferneiné
Gabriel Ferneiné is a Visual Designer based in Beirut. Crafting multimedia techniques for both Experimental and Corporate work.
Triangulation of the shapes of a knitted cloth.
Sound Design: The Tenenbaums.
Directed & Animated by Gabriel Ferneiné.

An Aesthetic attempt to highlight the digital aspect of the Kafiyeh and a sensorial aspect through electronic media to antagonise it's contemporary status regardless of it's Political, Agricultural and/or Fashion aspect.
The result is "Compromising the Identity of the Wearer". 

A project Initiated by Gabriel Ferneiné for "Beyond the Cloth: The #Kafiye Project" exhibition curated by Kaflab.org and Hala A. Malak.

The work was done by using pictures and playing with them on DMesh & Adobe Photoshop, the results are a processed on C4D (Mograph/random effector) and finally edited on Adobe After Effects.
The work is inspired by Delaunay Triangulation.
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