"We all fall" - Karsh Kale (Director's Cut)

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    Vijesh Rajan
Concept note: To find true happiness, you have to follow these very vague glimmers of hope - and the journey towards happiness isn’t easy at all - sometimes you lose sight of your hope, and sometimes it reappears in abundance. But the secret is just to keep following it - and you’ll find happiness, or satisfaction - or success.

Cast: Karsh Kale, Kriti Malhotra

Music by: Karsh Kale
Mixed & Mastered by: Warren Mendonsa


Concept & Direction: Vijesh Rajan
Director Of Photography: Jay Oza
DOP's Assistant: Yashveer Singh
Additional Photography: Premal Raval
Additional Locations: Harshvir Oberai
Line Producer: Vinay Iyer
Assistant Director: Aniket Rao
Edited by: Chandrashekhar Parab (Magic Farm Studio)
VFX Supervisor: Vijesh Rajan (Plexus Post)
Head VFX & Motion Graphics artist: Aditya Tawde
Motion Graphic Design: Aniruddh Mehta
Camera Rental: Accord Equpis

From O4 Digital

Senior VP: Cyril D'abs
VP, Operations: Vivek Gupta
Creative Director: Arathi Jayaram
Production Assistant: Shachi Malhotra

From Sony Music

Producer: Richard Mascarenhas
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