Waves of Time

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    Mattia Cobianchi
I'm an italian fella who loves experimenting with CGI, trying everything I can put my hands on. WORK AREAS: 3D Generalist, 2D motion graphics, VFX, post production. EMAIL: [email protected]

This is an interlude for Festina Baselworld 2015, everything from 3D animations to final output was done by me at Bonsaininja Studio.
This video was repeated one next to the other around the exibition and all the modules where patched with a pillar with growing vines on, see: vimeo.com/134619026

The delivered work had no audio but in order to share it properly I've added Nym's track "et Moi" and created some sound fx in Ableton with some free samples from freesound.org and native effects.

For complete project, see: behance.net/gallery/25255165/Waves-of-Time

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