War Child - Armistice ‘You Play So That Every Child Can’

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An animated short film produced and created by Made With Us to promote War Child UK's annual event that encourages peaceful gameplay to support children affected by conflict across the world.
We follow a group of 20th century mercenaries battling it out with Medieval Knights, Vikings, Samurai and Robots through a narrative and musical composition that changes over time from war to play.

Winner of The 2017 National Fund Raising Awards - Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign. War Child UK's Armistice raised $130,000 in just 8 weeks in 2016. In its second year it is running from November 6 until mid-December 2017. Read why they won.

The Brief was to create a versatile short that introduces Armistice and explains the concept. The animation should act as a teaser trailer and will need to have longevity rather than specifically focussing on the content for 2017’s campaign. It should also build the clear link that Armistice is a War Child product. Viewers would need to understand; What Armistice is, When it takes place, War Child is a charity and Armistice is raising money to support children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict

Written by James and Nik this was all about changing the mood, tone and the minds of the audience and gamers through a shift in narrative, visuals and sound. We start off in war torn areas and scenes of battle and in slow-motion we travel through time to reveal the guns and missiles changing into playful and peaceful water bombs, snowballs and colourful fireworks. Fun from sadness, peace from war.

Directed by James, the beautiful illustration by Zoe Potaka was animated in slow-mo to add the suspense at the start and dropped back into real time for the fun party section. It had a full VFX treatment with a cracking musical composition and sound effects added by Leo Crossing.

Client War Child UK
Produced by Made With Us
Directed by James Cook
Written by James Cook & Nik Huggins
Illustrated by Zoe Potaka
Animation, VFX and Edit by James Cook
Sound & Music by Leo Crossing
Read More about War Child's Armistice: www.warchildarmistice.org
See more about the project and a Case Study: www.madewithus.com/war-child-armistice
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