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    Viviane Leezer
Short made in the Master of Animation in AKV St|Joost, Breda, Netherlands for Beeldtijd.
Based on an interview of a woman living in Bergen op Zoom who lived during WWII, the short focuses on her living in a dangerous environment, to try to keep her family and house a safe place.

Direction & Story: Michele Crivellaro (www.michelecrivellaro.com)
Production: Michele Crivellaro, Theresa Schade (http://torheitanimation.tumblr.com)
Art Direction & Post-Production: Samantha Schoonen (www.samanthaschoonen.nl)
Animation Direction: Theresa Schade
Storyboard: Viviane Leezer (www.vivianeleezer.com)
Visual Design: Elena Winkel (http://eiwinkel.tumblr.com), Samantha Schoonen, Selen Kılınç (http://selenkilinc.com), Theresa Schade
Animation: Elena Winkel, Huei-Yuan Tien (http://fillmember.net), Louis Hector (http://louishector.tumblr.com), Michele Crivellaro, Samantha Schoonen, Selen Kılınç, Theresa Schade, Viviane Leezer
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