Vertigo Title Sequence Homage

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    Chris Caswell
Combining my love for title design with one of my favourite films, here is my latest solo project, Vertigo title sequence.

Being fascinated with the way Hitchcock used the colours red and green in the film to convey the relationship between two characters. I wanted to combine this with the psychological mystery aspect of the film. Along with taking the word vertigo for what it is, I decided to focus the story of the title sequence on the main character, Scottie, falling in abyss in an abstract world where significant objects relating to the film are larger than life.

By combing these aspects I believe that this piece sits alone as a title sequence, but if you have seen the film before you would get a lot more understanding from it and realise how it all links together with the film.

This project came about as I wanted to work on a personal project along side work and develop my 3D motion skills. This project took me 6+ months to create. Having a full time job I didn’t have much spare time to work on this, so I utilised my time the best I could by getting into work early everyday as well as using the limited spare time I had outside of work.

Behance - https://www.behance.net/fauxpia
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fauxpia
Website - https://www.fauxpia.com

Title sequence created by Chris Caswell
Music created by Audio Network

After Effects - Compositing & Animating
Cinema 4D - Modeling & Animating
Renderer - Native C4D Render
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