Urals Giants / Гиганты Урала

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    Pavel Pogudin
Hello, friends! My name is Pavel Pogudin, I live in the lower reaches of the Ural Mountains, and in the evening, after hunting for bear and other wild-beast, I move pictures and give out it for animation.
Urals Giants - is an animated music video about the artists and the arts of the 1930s. And specifically about the exhibition "Giants of the Urals" in 1931. It was the first exhibition in the world fully dedicated to the industry.
Гиганты Урала - это анимационный клип о художниках и искусстве 1930-х годов. А конкретно о выставке "Гиганты Урала" 1931 года. Это была первая в мире выставка полностью посвящена индустрии.

Web exhibition: http://giantsoftheurals.ru/
Made by Svetly Story Production: https://www.facebook.com/svetly.story/
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