U-ERRE_Modelo de Aprendizaje 2017

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    Andres V. Alatorre
Digital Composition , motion graphics & VFX for Broadcast and Film Hi my name is Andres V. Alatorre A.k.A. CreatureMonger or Manpsycho my old nickname I'm a Founder of PixelMostro Lab and visual artist, designer and animator with a skill´s and creativity experienced in 2D and 3D Animation and post-production visual Effects using a variety of industry leading softwares my extra experience gives me the ability to solve problems and develop visual concepts with success, I'm a highly versatile 3D Artist and devoted to good quality in my projects and willing to accept all suggestions, I'm flexible and adaptable to all requirements of a company. Motion Graphics Freelance 3D Rendering Compositor VFX Animation Compositor Art Director -3D & Visualization Design, animating, texturing, lighting, and rendering -Motion Design & Motion Graphics Animated logos, Branding, Stanton Id, introductions, dynamic effects, title sequences, adding extra dimensions to your static designs f fresh animations. -Visual Effects for film and broadcast Dynamics and Particle simulations, chroma keying, 3d motion tracking
Illustration made by : Mr. Bob

"Aplicar el conocimiento aprendido.
Desarrollar habilidades transferibles, como liderazgo,
pensamiento crítico, comunicación, colaboración,
adaptabilidad y solución de problemas.
Innovar para transformar el entorno.
Desarrollar balanceada mente sus actitudes, comportamientos
y valores.."
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