TVC Intertoys

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    Cris Wiegandt
Specializing in stop motion, I am a multi-award winning animation director & designer who mixes rhythm and colors to create fantastical worlds that reach far beyond the every day. As well as unique storylines and an outstanding dedication to detail, my work is inspired by the richness of cultures, creativity and imagination that I have experienced on my journey from Sao Paulo to Berlin. As a freelance director, animator, and designer I am experienced in all aspects of conceptualizing and creating crafts for both illustration and film. My work has already inspired clients such as Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry's, Disney, Pepsi and EVIAN, to name just a few.
A real life dream-come-true project, I was asked to play with and animate various
children’s toys on a week-long project for Intertoys in Amsterdam. The hand animated TVC is a combination of dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals and playsets, amongst a paper set all dancing to the fun Intertoys song. The Amsterdam based production company Woodwork is responsible for developing
all the playful mini story lines and moving details. Special thanks to Raymon Wittenberg for rigging all the toys for me, especially the bear…sadly our fluffy friend only had 2 seconds in the spotlight.

Client: Intertoys
Creative Agency: Natwerk 
Production agency: Woodwork Amsterdam
Stop Motion Director & Lead Animator: Cris Wiegandt 
Music & Sound Design: Soundcircus
Rigger: Raymond Wittenberg 
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