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    Andy Smirnov
Welcome to Kreatiozone, where ideas are born and creation is only limited by one’s imagination. Kreationzone is an animation studio with a vision to bring beauty and inspiration to the world with the power of creative and unique visual imagery and design. Not one project is the same at Kreationzone. We are always moving forward, exploring new technology and new ways to create. 
My role in this project was to develop an idea to rebrand TROPFEST Australia for 2012. The concept was to create something fresh, light and simple. The balloons was the obvious choice for the brand. I have experimented with 3D rendering engine to create realistic look of the balloons. And using MoGraph Module I have created Dynamic morph that combined all of the balloons into one giant balloon. Using primary colour as orange, which was new TOPFEST colour for the brand, the ident animation really gave the brand warm and light feel.
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