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    Woodwork Amsterdam
Trefecta, a high performance e-bike that uses hybrid power in function as well as design. We deconstructed the complexity of the bike and chose to do this with different shots, highlighting the bike’s features.

We started out with showing how the pedaling system works; it gives an indication of the amount of force that is put into the pedals and how this influences the speed of the wheel.Next is the regenerative system, explained by means of a diagram that visualizes how the power is sent back up to the battery.

After highlighting the frame, we pulled out the batter for an exploded view in order to explain the cell technology.

We also brought attention to the bike’s fibre material, throttle, brakes and lights. Moreover, the bike has an onboard computer showing animated data such as the Trefecta App.

Main aim for us was to make the bike as comprehensible as possible and to provide the visitor of the Trefecta website an online experience where they are able to alter all the possible options of the bike.

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