Toggolino On-Air Redesign

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    Thomas Gugel
In September 2014 the sleeping beauty finally came back to life: TOGGOLINO awoke from its 15-month beauty sleep. Together with Feedmee i could help to give (re)birth to the little bull calf. The big challenge was to set up a technical workflow for the Character Animation in Maya and final render in Cinema 4D. The Montage shows every tool which was build for the new On-Air Design including an Opener, Promotion Screens, Lower Thirds, Commercial Breaks, Logo Animation, etc.

Agency: Feedmee (www.feedmee.com)
Client: SuperRTL
Character/Concept/Design: Anton Riedel, Sabine Dully
Creative Director: Anton Riedel
Art Director: Sabine Dully
Producer: Laura Giersdorf
Animation/Compositing: Thomas Gugel, Jan Sickinger, Ben Kempf, Thorsten Ulbrich
Technical Direction: Thomas Gugel
Character Animation: Christian Bumba


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Project stills