The Man With The Camera

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    Uber Eck
These are the Opening Titles for the upcoming Film "The Man With The Camera". 
When we were starting to come up with a concept for the opening sequence for the Movie "The Man With The Camera" we didn´t know much about the plot of the movie itself.
As we got a short screening there was somthing that caught our eye. The Darkroom where the protagonist, a war photographer, develops his film.
The colors of the movie are more in a desaturated style, while the darkroom is flooded in this dark red light, even overexposed at some points.
As the photographer spends a lot of time in the darkroom, the pictures he develops are starting to tell a story.
We picked up on this idea to show the darkroom with its bright red light and go through the process of film developing and the idea of the development of a new story with each picture.
The camera movement is very reduced, but with the change of light and shadows we give the audience a sense of movement in motion and also in time.
The whole title sequence is fully done in 3D, but with the goal to get it as realistic as possible, to play with the perception of the audience.
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