The Day the World Went Away - Spec Title Sequence

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    Joe Boccia
This is a spec title sequence I created for the fun of it. The show it represents is fictional. If it did exist, "The Day The World Went Away" would be about the dawn of a new and frightening humanity that rises from the ashes of a global cataclysm. The actors I chose are my personal favorites and if I were ever given the opportunity to work with them it would be considered an honor. The rest of the crew are close friends who work in the industry, with the exception of Trent Reznor for music, and Shane Carruth, the director. If you are unaware of Carruths work, check him out...utterly amazing! This was created in After Effects CC, using Element 3D V2. The models were posed in DAZ 3D and exported for Element 3D. Also used was Red Giant Universe 2.0, and Particular.

Amy Seimentz
Oscar Isaac
Ben Foster
Jessica Chastain
Rami Malek
Carey Mulligan
Alicia Vikander
Chiwetel Ejiofor
John Bernthal
Elle Fanning
Michael Shannon

Music: Trent Reznor (NIN)
Casting: Casey Paquet
Costume Designer: JoAnna Colblentz
Production Designer: Gwynne Boccia
Production Designer: Chris Parks
Editor: Eric Hunter
Editor: Charlie Diaz
Cinematography: Javier Fick
Executive Producer: Ryan Zarra
Executive Producer: Daniel Reyes
Producer: Jessica Anderson
Writer: Jeff Skatzka
Director: Shane Carruth
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