The Coaching Journey

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    Joana Correia
I'm a freelancer art director, graphic and motion designer, passionate for telling beautiful stories about any brand, product or business, through design and animation: www.joanacorreia.com Always looking for inspiration around me, i'm just an enthusiastic visual storyteller. With 7 years of experience in different communication agencies and now as a freelancer, i had luck to developed since branding, communication design, illustration, art direction, motion graphics and 2D animation.
"The moment you begin to enquire into something, change begins to happen."

The challenge was to visually interpret all the process and story behind an executive coaching journey, through illustration and animation.

Supporting leaders since 2003, Aida Chamiça Company specialized in Executive Coaching for the main managers, activating their potential in total respect for their values, choices and decisions, in alignment with their goals and objectives.

Client: Aida Chamiça [Executive Coaching]
Agency: Choice Communication Agency
Design and Animation: Joana Correia
Sound: Premium Beat

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