The Big Business of Refugees

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Device is an audiovisual design studio based in Barcelona.We focuse on direction and art direction for design, motion graphics, audio and installations.We work with different styles we consider opposites, that interrelate to one another, generating our whole body of work. That's why we symmetrically divided our website into the white and black side.

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CEAR (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado) contacted Device with the intention to launch a video to denounce the refugees crisis.

With the idea of wanting to shake an already saturated audience from all the information they access, we articulated our proposal from an ironic and satirical tone and a content with which the audience will be initially shocked and disturbed.
Thanks to CEAR’s values and trust, we created a story that allowed us to speak honestly and with no euphemisms about how the EU’s crisis of values is constructing a perfect scenario for the existence and proliferation of illegal and insecure ways of transportation of people, and all in hands of mafias.

Client: CEAR

Idea & Direction: Device
Art Direction & Illustration: Device
Script: Hawaii
Script English Translation: Nicole Broker
Animation: Javi Vaquero
Additional Animation: Pere Hernández, Pau Anglada, Rafa Andrade y Device
Clean up: Pau Anglada, Rafa Andrade, Carlos Majuelos y Device
Music y Sound Design: Device
Production: Device - Blackbox

Recording Studios: Idea Sonora
V.O: Robert Patterson, Josephine Grundy

Special thanks to
The whole team, Sergi Roda (BlackBox), Onda Estudios, Joan Carles Gustems, Belén Roca, Niall Downing, Inés Mass, CEAR.

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