TEDxSydney 2018 Titles: Humankind

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Sydney-based studio Substance provides design-led VFX and art direction for film and TVCs, and specialises in title sequence design.
The TEDx Sydney 2018 titles explore this year’s topic of Humankind by taking us through museum galleries, where our present and potential future collide with the past.
Modern subjects are mixed with classical forms, and the suspended animation of these sculptures kindles poignant evaluation of our current place within humanity’s short timeline.

Stills / GIFs / Process and more:

Client: TEDx Sydney
Direction: Scott Geersen
Layout, Cinematography: Substance
Edit: Joe Morris
Look Dev / Shading / Lighting: Rich Nosworthy, Rory McLean, Jeff Briant, Ezequiel Grand, Scott Geersen
Additional Sculpts: Ezequiel Grand, Rich Nosworthy
Original Music & Sound Design : CypherAudio / John Black & Tobias Norberg
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Music Composer CypherAudio


Project stills

Experimental / Art