Teaser 01 - Share with me your brightest colors

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    Sebastian Martinez
I'm a graphic designer and creative director specializing in branding for films and broadcast, motion graphics and experimental illustration.I'm based in Cali (Colombia) where I run my own studio called Cuántika Studio.
Share With me Your Brightest Colors is not just another entertainment film. It is a nostalgic portray of a heartbroken girl that begins a pilgrimage to encounter herself in an old cabin in the woods in which she tries as well to talk to God and accept her silence and solitude but soon realizes she is darker than she thought. Darkness and Light lives within herself, she must accept a life consuming murderous duality. This mystical metaphorical film questions youth, love, forgetfulness, religions, God, nostalgia, loneliness and the pureness of the soul always with the use of a poetic and thoughtful tone, which makes the film become a therapy that seeks to raise awareness in the senses.

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