Super Rugby Opening “Origami Migration”

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Superugby is an international rugby competition that started in the year 2010. Originally limited to teams from the Southern Hemisphere, in 2016 Japan was invited to participate. Argentina was too! And we couldn't be happier with the coincidence. To celebrate this, we created a short film where paper origami cranes come alive and fly up from the South, to be received the mesmerizing contrast of tradition and modernity that is Tokyo.
We designed the official broadcasting package (Opening, Endings and IDs) that is part of the world feed and is broadcasted in over 50 countries including Japan and Argentina.
Produced by Onesal Japan

Client: Super Rugby
Production Company: Onesal Japan
Director: Nahuel Salcedo
Producer: Ailin Brunner
3D Modeling and Animation: Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Stricker
Shading and Rendering: Nahuel Salcedo
Sound Design: Andrea Damiano http://andreadamiano.tv/

ディレクター: サルセド・ナウエル
プロデューサー: ブルンナー・アイリン
モデリング・アニメーション: サルセド・ナウエル、ストレイッカー・ダミアン
シェイディング・レンダリング: サルセド・ナウエル
サウンドデザイン: ダミアノ・アンドレア
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