STARZ Rebrand / Director's Cut

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    Mert Kızılay

Los Angeles based Turkish director, in love with sound, traditional art, film, photography, animation, design, humor, lecture and certain people.

Starz came to yU+co for their new channel rebranding with their new tagline "Taking You Places"
For such a big brand, we wanted to create something significantly unique and we teamed up with my artist friend Emrah Gonulkirmaz.
He designed initial boards and created beautiful procedural freeform sculptures. The challenge after that; taking that artwork, applying it to the concept, improving story telling and creating an appropriate way of usage for a channel branding.
To embrace the tagline, we used a lot of depth and space, aggresive, complex camera moves. To achieve more cinematic and dynamic feel, we wanted bring some pieces together with editing.
Finally Echolab added his magic for the Director's Cut final piece.

Client: STARZ
Production: yU+co
Creative Direction: Garson Yu
Direction: Emrah Gonulkirmaz & Mert Kizilay
Lead Design: Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Editing: Mert Kizilay
Motion Design: Jean Chiu, Synderela Peng, Johnny Wong, Alex Yoon, Emil Kahr,
Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Mert Kizilay
Sound Design: Echolab
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