STARHUB TVB Awards full opener 2014 OPENER (15S)

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    Dang Hai Ha
After growing up in Hanoi, Vietnam, as the only son of a small family, I finished high school at HuaMei International College in Guang Dong, China. As a child, I always had a passion for animation and motion graphic so now I chose to make it the subject of my studies. Currently, I'm working in Singapore as a motion graphics artist.As for photography, I took it up as a tool to see certain things from another perspective and also to expand my horizon.I strongly believe that software is only a tool to make work easier.Ultimately, what matters is the passion, the skill, the value and the dedication you have towards each of your works.Email:[email protected]
TVB represents HongKong. And the StarhubTVB awards is held in Singapore.
So this event is about connecting the two cities of both HongKong and Singapore
together into 1 city.

What the Client wants :

- Clean and stylised buildings and can integrate the award trophy into the city.

- The huge cities skyline will help to create a GRAND setting. Its Important to keep thing GRAND, SLEEK, MODERN.

- Make sure to avoid colours that were used for past years (gold, and purple). The Client
quite like this silverish, bluish colour tone.


Creative Director : Josef Lee
Producers : Siew Ann, Chanel
Art Director : Wong Tak Yee
Logo Design : Yixin Baey, Wong Tak Yee
Designers : Yixin Baey, HaiHa, Josephine, Yan Ling
3D Artists : Michael Suwandi, HaiHa

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