SLIJK - opening credits

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Title design for film
Titledesign for a 5 part docuseries by production company Diplodokus for Belgium national broadcast.

Two hundred a year. That's the number of days it rains in an average year in Belgium. Those who engage in sport, know what to expect. SLIJK is a five-part documentary series about five athletes, sometimes in pairs, practicing one of the country's favorite sports in the mud.

Some athletes have grown up in the mud of Flanders, others moved to Belgium to make it here. In SLIJK we follow them in preparation to a competition and see that success never comes from nowhere. One thing's for sure: whoever wants to succeed, must get their hands dirty.

Director: Jeremy De Ryckere, Bram Conjaerts, Lennart Stuyck, Mathijs Vleugels, Maarten Bernaerts, Ruben Vermeersch
Titledesign: Hans Lettany
Music: Raf Keunen
Producers: Bram Conjaerts, Lennart Stuyck, Maarten Bernaerts
Production Company: Diplodokus
Titledesign Studio: Het Postkantoor
Broadcast Company: VRT
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