SKY brand video

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    Mike Tosetto
I'm a Motion Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love to create animation, 3D and videos.
With more than half of New Zealand homes subscribed to SKY's 80 plus channels, it was time for us to take our seats and get to work.
Dominance in the marketplace has led to a perception that overshadows the role SKY plays in bringing Kiwis the best content from all over the world. While Kiwis love the products and content SKY offers, this feeling didn't translate to the brand itself. These issues, combined with the challenges faced by the pay-TV industry at a global level, caused SKY to take a good look at its business and brand to prepare for the future.
Through 'The Expedition' we created an identity system that hero's all the emotions of TV, while helping customers to navigate through a remarkable world of content – all supported by a more helpful, more inviting, and more Kiwi tone of voice. The system itself extracts the two triangles found in SKY's old logotype to create a refreshingly simple and iconic navigational device. Pause a moment, hero a character, expand a story – the brand is all about the journey through content, emotion and unlimited experiences.
Creative Direction: Mike Rigby & Benjamin Miles
Motion Designer: Mike Tosetto & Joao Peres
Designers: Diana Chirilas, Dan InghamJefton Sungkar & Joao Peres
Copywriters: Mike Rigby & Jimmy Cooper
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