Showreel 2015 - Tobias Frei

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    Tobias Frei
Hello,I am Tobias Frei from Munich, Germany. After an internship at KMS BLACKSPACE, I continued studying Mediadesign at HS Offenburg. I specialized in Motion Graphics. I use Cinema 4D and AfterEffects and I'm available for freelance jobs.
Watch my new showreel for 2015. Mainly personal work from the last two years. No collaborations. It's also my application for Motiondesign at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg. The music is from a remix contest mixed by Julian Chudoba (Adventure Club - Gold RMX). Some additional sound design by Tilmann Vöhringer.

Critics & Qs are welcome!

00:00 - 00:21 Opener for Ludwigsburg
00:22 - 00:37 Vernissage Trailer for Haus75 (Cinema 4D & AfterEffects)
00:38 - 00:43 Chip Visualisation for Infineon (Cinema 4D & AfterEffects)
00:48 - 00:57 WDICF (AfterEffects)
00:58 - 01:01 Visual puree (AfterEffects)
01:02 - 01:04 OFURA Logoanimation (AfterEffects)
01:05 - 01:22 Bits und Pretzels (AfterEffects)
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