Sensei - the future of retail | BluBlu Studios

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    BluBlu Studios
A design-driven, award-winning animation production company which thrives on creating sophisticated animated stories united in one goal - communicating your message in the most effective and compelling way.
Shopping tends to be time-consuming due to the long lines at the checkout counter. But thankfully there’s a technology that makes every shop check-out free and totally changes customer experience for the best.

Check our full project on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/76513133/Sensei-the-future-of-retail

Client: Sensei
Production: BluBlu Studios
Creative Direction: Monika Kurek
Art Direction: Jagoda Klaczyńska
Script: Jarek Nowak
Executive Producer: Jarek Nowak
Animation & Illustration: Maciej Kachel, Jagoda Klaczyńska, Ewa Baran, Justyna Jagas, Piotr Krzyżykowski, Michał Machowina, Miłosz Kokociński
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