San Francisco

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    Vanya Grove
Had been thinking about doing a short concept about San
Francisco for a little while. The idea has evolved over a few
months; I like working organically with story and the film
process. This is my first time fully using Maya, something
I've wanted to play around with ever since discovering
Blender. I just simply wanted to take the audience into San
Francisco. The intention was to not make this concept into
a story, but to simply craft an experience.

From the very beginning, I did not want to use a music
soundtrack, I thought it would produce unnecessary noise
for this particular concept.

Editing and color grading done in FCPX. Additional
atmospheric elements were composited in AE.

Shots were rendered by RebusFarm | Mental Ray

Pixel Film Studios - www.pixelfilmstudios.com
Lens Distortions - www.lensdistortions.com
Jonathan McKinney - Storyboard Supervisor/
McKinney Enterprises LLC
Ralph Huchtemann - www.rebusfarm.net
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