S Y M P T O S I S - chapter [0] -Teaser

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    Anna Chocholi
I am a media artist from Greece living and working in the Netherlands. My work focuses on emerging spaces and technology-driven creation. I am inspired by those little moments in life that imprint qualia to our perception of the world; what subjective reality comprises off and how technology and new media can aid to this exploration.
S Y M P T O S I S is an audiovisual performance in early progress. The piece is inspired by the notion of coincidences as a fundamental source of creation. Each segment of the performance refers to a different material structure. The audio-visual result invites the audience to experience complex structures emerging through micro- time scales and movements.

Chapter [0] was premiered in Studio Loos for TodaysArt 2019.

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Music Composer Kyriakos Charalampides


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