RipTide - In The Middle of the Nite - Official video by Stefan Glerum & Crooked Line

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    Crooked Line
Come along for a night out with a group of clandestine street racers in this explosive music video...

Amsterdam-based illustrator Stefan Glerum teamed up with animation studio Crooked Line to create this animated music video for DJ and producer RipTide. Crooked Line was responsible for bringing Stefan’s illustrations to life for the first time.

Our first screening was kindly hosted by www.kallenbachgallery.com

This music video came together as part of the collaboration between RipTide and the Jäger Music DJ program

Illustrations: Stefan Glerum
Website: www.stefanglerum.com

Animation: Crooked Line
Website: www.crookedline.nl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crookedline

Music: RipTide
Website: www.riptidemusic.nl

Illustration assistants:
Jarmo van Berkel
Jim Glerum
Jasmijn de Nood

Menno Endt
Theun Hendrikx
Sebastian Dráb 
Stefan Glerum

Supported by Jäger Music
Website: http://www.jagermusic.tumblr.com

Also check out our making of videos:
SFX-Compilation: https://vimeo.com/85928540
Compositing: https://vimeo.com/85928539
3D modeling: https://vimeo.com/85928537
Moving Storyboard: https://vimeo.com/85928538
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