Respect UK (Charity)

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    Rod Jorge
I’m an award-winning (whateverthatmeans) Animation Director who refuses to write in the third person. At present I function as the Lead Creative at Texture, a small production company in the heart of London. We write, conceptualize, design, film and animate. We also, as part of the job, listen to a lot really bad, mind-hogging songs and carry them home in hums (for the despair of our loved ones). In my spare time I write good ideas into crappy scripts, which I then re-write until they are half-decent. So far I’ve finished two feature films, half-a-dozen TV pilots and more than a few short films. I got a couple of them produced, but nothing you'd have seen. Yet. I’ve also probably watched any TV show you can think of. Twice. I "sound design" my every move through weird noises, I talk to myself constantly no matter who’s around me and I think I’m not immensely fat only because my Restless Leg Syndrome burns calories faster than my shitty diet is able to accumulate them.Other than that I’m completely normal (whateverthatmeans).
This is a promotional awareness film made for RESPECT, a charity that deals with the complicated issue of domestic violence.

Our challenge was to epitomise the essence of what Respect does.

With such a delicate subject to tackle, we chose a subtle and emotive approach — a narrative involving two birds and a tree as metaphors for how the household is affected by domestic violence. The peace, the disturbance, the abandonment and, finally, the regrowth with the helping hand of Respect. As a medium, paper seemed to be the most appropriate to convey our story and imagery, thus emphasising the the fragility of this whole scenario.

The charity's team expressed their satisfaction through the quote: "Via this simple but magical and effective story, Texture managed to clearly show what Respect is all about and how we strive to end domestic violence. They created a beautiful short film that passes on the message in an effective and creative way.
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