Red Bull Joy Ride 2016 | Track Explanation

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    Miki Nemcek
I am a motion graphic designer with a huge background in various other disciplines. I studied Product design, spent a good couple of years by designing and building Flash websites. Found out that I am pretty good in Graphic design and 2D animation, which led me finally to 3D and all of its magic. During this long and very intense development, I gained a lot of international experiences, worked with many different clients and tried Agency life in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Vancouver, Auckland - Ogilvy or Salzburg - Redbull Media House.
In 4 weeks I had to accomplish several tasks. This track explanation consists of designing the look and feel of the 3d environment, which had to be as close to real one as possible. Then I had to develop infographic's logic and design. The hardest part was to model and layout everything according to real measurements of the track , which was built parallel to the 3d one. The real track in Whistler was designed by Paddy Kaye, with who we worked closely to get the best overview and idea about the track.

In this case, I approached every problem seriously. Everything I had to "hack" in the previous case, which was Crankworks Les Gets, due to lack of skills and time, was done properly this time. The whole track consists of 6 4K textures prepared in Substance painter combined with procedural textures in less focused areas. Some wood elements I sculpted in Z-Brush and painted in Substance Painter. For grass and trees layout I patiently painted masks in Photoshop paying attention to keeping the look natural. All vegetation was scattered with Octane Scatter and the final animation was rendered on 6 Titan graphic cards within 4 days in Octane Render.

Client: Red Bull
Art Direction / Design / Execution: Miki Nemcek
Project management: Lenka Muchova

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