Red Bull Doodle Art 2014 (Director’s Cut)

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    David Oerter
Teaser animation for Red Bull Doodle Art 2014 "Where does the mind go?"

A doodle is an unfocused drawing made while the mind is otherwise occupied. It is what most students do while sitting at one of their less interesting lectures.

Red Bull Doodle Art is your chance to share your doodling skills with the world. One doodler from each participating country will score a trip to Cape Town, the 2014 World Design Capital.

There’s no reason to wait. Get doodling today. http://redbulldoodleart.com

Client: Red Bull GmbH
Advertising Agency: Red Bull Creative GmbH
Design and Production: Red Bull Creative GmbH
Camera: Phillip Benedikt
Animation, Editing, Color Grading: studioastic
Music: New Beat Fund – Get Up (Red Bull Music Academy)

More at http://studioastic.com/portfolio/red-bull-doodle-art-2014/
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