Red Bull Crashed Ice 2017 | 3D Tracks - BREAKDOWN

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    Miki Nemcek
I am a motion graphic designer with a huge background in various other disciplines. I studied Product design, spent a good couple of years by designing and building Flash websites. Found out that I am pretty good in Graphic design and 2D animation, which led me finally to 3D and all of its magic. During this long and very intense development, I gained a lot of international experiences, worked with many different clients and tried Agency life in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Vancouver, Auckland - Ogilvy or Salzburg - Redbull Media House.
Breakdown of my big project in winter 2016 / 2017. Red Bull Crashed Ice is an Ice skating downhill race competition. The client needed to demonstrate the track and its features and all of that even before the real track was standing. The biggest challenge was to build an environment of the city in a decent quality in short deadlines. In total, i built 4 animations in 2,5 months. Have a look at the breakdown of a workflow I went through.

Check out the final animations here:


Music: Romare - The Blues (It Began in Africa)
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Project stills