R&F + UFC: 25 Years in Short

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    Ranger & Fox
The documentary series 'UFC 25 Years In Short' covers a different topic for each of the 25 years of the UFC's history. When creating the opening titles, we needed to connect each of the years in a cohesive way and make sure that it captured the full breadth of the UFC's rich past. Thanks to the team at UFC, we had an endless library of beautiful footage to choose from, and decided to focus on a handful of select years as the hero lockups. Each lockup is connected by an investigative red line that guides the camera from year to year, flying past huge amounts of footage from every year in-between. We let the footage speak for itself, supplemented by bold typography, texture, and dynamic camera moves. The result is an impactful opening that speaks to the collection of films as a whole while still feeling bespoke to each documentary.


Creative + Design + Direction:
Ranger & Fox

Footage + Music:
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