Różewicz Open Festival

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A motion graphics competition is a part of annually organised festival devoted to life and work of Różewicz brothers, Polish poets and artists. This year’s edition was related to a quotation from one of Tadeusz Różewicz poems, ‘Żart patetyczny’ (‘Pathetic joke’)

"I will speak to all
who do not read me"

After short studies of not only this particular poem but also Różewicz’s work, I had a feeling that poet's attitude towards world development and new generations was rather pessimistic. He was concerned about the future of posterity for whom higher values ​​were no longer valid, and the pleasures of everyday life and technological development had became their new life goals.
Having that in mind I created a piece that shows a dark world of today, enclosed in Różewicz’s pen. I wanted to show the contrast between problems of new generations in contradiction to nostalgia of his poetry.

It has been a real challenge to create this piece. Starting from concept phase, through execution — where I focused on achieving and conveying a certain mood, technical aspects — it was first big project rendered in Octane Render and finishing on a really... really tight schedule.

I would like to thank Maria Giemza and Christian Zschunke for their help and support throughout the process.
Big thanks to Sono Sanctus and Sehsucht Berlin too.

I am glad to announce that I won the first prize in Różewicz Motion Graphics Competition 2014.

Music & Sound Design: Sono Sanctus
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