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    Emanuele Marani
Hi, I'm Emanuele, a motion graphic designer with a 360 knowledge of what concerns video. I take part to every single step of the workflow in a video production, starting from: Creativity, Idea, Storyboard, Design, Illustration, Animation 2D, 3D, Shooting and Composition
FOX International Channels Italy - Roma - © Copyright 2013

This is an ident for a stunt of 3 tv series : hazzard ,supercar , Starsky & Hutch .
This ident represents the character and ironic at the same time action of these series from the 80's.
in fact the storytelling is built by realistic and cinematographic framings exacerbating the action side of the race.
but , to a watchful eye,the scenery reveals the playful purpose of the race: cars are scale models, challenging on a Polistil trail

Art Direction : Juan Pablo Kessler
Creativity : Emanuele Marani
Motion Graphic Designer : Emanuele Marani
3d Artist : Emanuele Marani
Logo Design : Santiago Wardak
Compositing: Emanuele Marani
Sound Desing : Carlo Burigana , Giulio Del Prato
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