Project Piaba | Oceanário de Lisboa

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    João Vaz Oliveira
Hi! I am a motion and graphic designer, graduate from the digital design and cinema program. I'm currently living in Lisbon/Portugal and I'm available for freelance.For more information visit www.vazoliveira.com or contact me at [email protected]
The Mission of Project Piaba is to increase the environmental, animal welfare, and social sustainability of the Amazonian aquarium fish trade, to develop and incorporate metrics through which this progress can be assessed, and to provide mechanisms to promote this industry.

Client | Oceanário de Lisboa
Directed by | João Vaz Oliveira
Ilustration | André Peixoto
Animation | João Vaz Oliveira
Compositing | João Vaz Oliveira
Audio | Miguel Madeira

Portuguese version: https://vimeo.com/173832548
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