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A self-initiated project, exploring the interesting options thrown up by Mesh Fusion, from Luxology.

The forms built with Mesh Fusion seem to have a greater solidity, density and heft compared to many poly-built 3D objects, something to do with the carved edges and 'tooled' building process. So I built a scene to explore this, which turned into a fun self-promo metal, plastic & glass workout. I made a conscious effort to keep the animation physical, so the structures have mass and inertia, and objects are constrained to behave as believably as possible, in the context of this slightly abstract environment.

Modelled in Modo, using MeshFusion. Some detail from the X-Polygon packs.
Animation in Cinema4D. Rendered with VRAYforC4D.
Processed in AfterEffects. Colour by FreshCurves. UI elements built with Nodes, Plexus.

Put together a process montage here: https://vimeo.com/100421871
High-res stills on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/18085181/Pixellation

Feedback welcome!

Music from Perverse: https://soundcloud.com/perverse
Sound effects from VideoCopilot. http://videocopilot.net
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