PES / Mtv Miaw 2019 / Graphic Pack

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    Pes Motion Studio

Collaboration + Creativity
PES is a motion studio specializing in integrating fresh ideas, creativity and experience. Our formula for success comes from the unbeatable combination of Creative Experimentation and Collaboration. Our team of creative, passionate designers, illustrators, animators, and CG and motion artists collaborates to bring live festivals, renowned brands, classic children's stories and global campaigns to life. From offices in Chicago and Buenos Aires, PES offers a collaborative multicultural perspective to our clients in the advertising, internet, broadcast, film and entertainment industries. Let’s work together!
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Another year to be thankful to the MTV Latin American team for including us in the 6th edition of the MTV MIAW awards in Mexico City and São Paulo. It's always challenging to lead the way with the latest trends, captivating young audiences of MTV and cultivating excitement for the long run, especially with a client that’s known to pay tribute to the best in pop culture, music, social media, shows and much more. 

2019 shocked us with a return to the 90’s! The PES team was excited to provide their expertise in developing a nostalgic theme to the show, taking visuals of the decade, descontructing them and reinventing them for a new generation. With vibrant colors and strong shapes, we created their complete graphics package, promo elements, stage design, and bandlooks of each artist.
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