Personal Logo Animation

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    Kane Rowlingson
Hello! I'm Kane, I'm an animator / designer / story telling motion graphics enthusiast from Melbourne Australia. I currently work as a freelance animator / designer for a number of talented studios and agencies, I’ve been studying and working in the field of design and animation for the past 9 years. Coming up with new concepts, styles, stories and characters and then bringing these to life using modern digital and traditional techniques is my main love. With a strong emphasis on storytelling through the medium of animation and design my main goal throughout each project I take on is to translate an idea or message into compelling, shareable and beautiful content.
To celebrate going freelance I thought I would animate my personal logo for fun. I wanted to make something that allowed me to show off all of the different techniques and styles I've explored over the years like design, Illustration, 2D animation, 3D animation, modelling, compositing and sound design all mashed together with some super slick keyframes. I hope you like it, visit kanerowlingson.com for more
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