Oz the Great and Powerful / Concept Motion Test

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    Mert Kızılay

Los Angeles based Turkish director, in love with sound, traditional art, film, photography, animation, design, humor, lecture and certain people.

While we were brainstorming for the concept of main on end titles of the movie, the writer Edwin Baker came up with the idea of using Phenakistoscope , which was one of the actual tools of the wizard. So we wanted to introduce the characters and some specific moments through phenakistoscope discs. For the best experience for this specific concept I wanted use traditional/cel animation method even for the logo. So we illustrated every individual frame to create the entire animation.
Since the movie was 3D/stereoscopic, I used a lot of depth, and created one continuous tunnel of phenakistoscope.

Client: Disney / Sam Raimi
Production: yU+co
Creative Direction: Garson Yu
Lead Design and Direction: Mert Kizilay
Concept Development: Edwin Baker, Mert Kizilay
Main Logo Design: June E. Kim
Illustration & Animation: Mert Kizilay, Edwin Baker
Music: Alarm Will Sound - Logon Rock Witch
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