"Ouroboros" Audio-visual Installation

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Born in 1992 in Tehran, Pedram Sadeghbeyki studied animation and VFX in Tehran Institute of Technology. After three years of studying animation and working as a freelance animator and VFX artist, he became more interested in generative arts and new media. "Pitheorem" is his ongoing algorithmic art project, where he explores the infinity within the circle and the transcendental number "Pi". his artworks are mostly inspired by nature and other subjects such as Sacred Geometry, Symbology, Theology, and Psychology. he's continuing to work as a freelance animator, technical artist and VFX artist in commercial and fictional animation and motion graphics projects.
"Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting an immortal serpent eating its own tail, constantly re-creating itself in a circle, Representing the circular nature of the universe and time: death-rebirth, creation-destruction, love-hate, spring-winter, yin-yang, the eternal dance of the cosmos."
Audio by tarxun (soundcloud.com/tarxun)
Visual by pitheorem (instagram.com/pitheorem)
This artwork, has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2016 London International Creative Competition.
Also, it has been presented as an installation in Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition 2016 (TADAEX06).
2016 – Tehran, Iran
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