OSLO – A Nike typeface

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    Kristoffer Stokkerud
Motion designer, illustrator and graphic designer living in Norway. Working as a motion designer at Babusjka
Turn up the volume, and fasten your seat belt!

«Oslo – A Nike typeface» is an abstract audio-visual journey through a race from start to finish. By following someone who is giving it all to win, we get to see an outer struggle to achieve the highest possible intensity, energy and speed. At the same time we are dragged into an inner battle to maintain concentration, focus and serenity.

The race isn't happening on an ordinary track, but is occurring through line and elements being traced up, that in the end creates the word "OSLO". With abstract animation and kick-ass sound design we get to see a presentation of the «Oslo»-font, and also take a deep dive at the design elements that constructs it.

As a small homage to Karsten Warholm's victory at the 400m hurdle in the 2017 World Championship, we set the final countdown to his winning time, which was 00:48:35. This made him the first male Norwegian athlete to win a running event at a world championship.

«Oslo» is a typeface designed by Oslo-based graphic designer Hans Christian Øren at Oh Yeah Studio, and is used in the new Nike brand-store located in the most crowded street of Oslo.

Directors: Ernst Føyn, Syver Fabritius Sanengen, Kristoffer Stokkerud
Producer: Mads Astrup Rønning
Animation: Syver Fabritius Sanengen, Kristoffer Stokkerud
Typography and graphic design: Hans Christian Øren / Oh Yeah Studio
Sound Design: Petter Haavik / Sagveien Resort

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