Océ Canon - Improving mail services

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Motoko is a motion design studio based in The Hague. Our work is original and custom made, from concept to final output. We serve creative agencies, tv channels, production companies and corporate clients. Delivering custom made motion design material, combining 2d-, 3d animation and film.
For Océ Canon, Motoko created this explainer video to launch a new communication strategy for their Business Services division. With Jack as a typical Manager of Operations, set in a typical company, this 2-minute animation will show you what will go wrong if the company's Mail Room is not streamlined.

Client: Océ - A Canon Company
Type: Corporate film
Concept, design and production: Motoko
Script: Monumental Propaganda, Motoko
Music: Sean Christopher
Project link: http://www.motoko.tv/en/production/animation/canon-out-of-the-dark-ages/
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