Obsessed No.1 Breakdown

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    Isaac Taracks

I am a visual effects artist and digital designer currently based out of San Francisco working at YouTube as a contract Technical Motion Designer. As a digital designer most of my projects are based around 2D/3D animation and motion graphics.

The goal for this scene is to tell a story about a character without directly showing the viewer a character. I wanted to convey the idea that you can think you know someone without ever having to see them. The objects on the characters desk give a glimpse into what he is like. From the small sticker saying "I believe", to the collected news papers reporting UFO sightings, as well as the glowing rock he picked up to try and figure out.

One of the key factors in the look for this project was the ability to export a Zpass from Octane for Cinema 4D. This allowed me to render only once, but pull focus using ZDefocus in Nuke and generate several different detailed close ups all with individual focuses. Additionally all the fog and smoke from the cigarette was done using Octane VDB which was extremely helpful and allowed me to avoid compositing it in post.

The scene was rendered on a GTX 1080 (full priority) and a GTX 1070 (low priority). The shot was rendered at 3840x2160px and took over 3 hours to render.

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