Nucco Brain Explanimation! - Explanatory Animation

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Nucco Brain is a visual storytelling studio that shapes brands and creates inspiring videos through powerful narratives and elegant design. Earned from our agency experience, we execute a spectrum of services that includes: animation, design, branding and visual ID.
Explanimation : Simple and effective way to explain what your business does!

Nucco Brain is a Visual storytelling studio based in London.

Visual storytelling is a broad term and it encompasses the production of all assets needed from our clients for the development of both a visual ID, and the story they want to tell. While providing a wide range of services, the core asset delivered is explanimation, short for explanatory animation: animated video of 90 seconds - narrating our clients' story in an appealing way, while building their brand visual identity as the customer or user enjoys it.

For more information and to contact us, please visit out website www.nuccobrain.com

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