Nike CTR360

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vibrating molecules in air

I once again had the pleasure of working with Tendril and Blacklist to create this dynamic Brand Film for Nike.

Near-microscopic photo-realism. Explosive shards. Raining crystal droplets. Refractive prisms. A God-like boot. In short: we flexed every last creative and technical muscle we’ve got… combined… for this explosive video display for the product launch at Nike’s London flagship, online, and stores across Europe.
Client: Nike
Client Producer: Els Tau
Client Art Director: Kevin Coatman
Client CD: Eric Duvauchelle
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Producer: Nathan Jew, Erik Gullstrand
Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Music & Sound Design: John Black of Cypheraudio
Editor: Steve Manz
Designers: Chris Bahry, Renato Ferro, Luis Guillherme, Vini Nascimento, Alexandre Torres
Textures, Lighting, Render: Brad Husband
Assistant Lighting, Render: Kosta Lavrinuk
Modeling: NoEmotion, Renato Ferro, Vini Nascimento
Lead Animation: Vini Nascimento
3D Animation: Renato Ferro, Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim
2D Animation: Leo Mateus, Andrew Vucko
Compositing: Chris Bahry, Brad Husband, Daniel Luna
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