Nigel the Uptight Dragon

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    Eugene Borodulin
"One day the day after tomorrow on the outskirts of Looming Land, between dancing Hornpipe Forest and anomalous Aethereal Harrow on the edge of Infinite Dew Field, a bit north of forsaken Saffron Wharf on the Lake of Million Drops, on the right of ramshackle Droidbury Town, there is snowbound ridge of Somersault Hills, where our fifth lyrical hero eats snow and peers into white distance. His name is Nigel and he is the Uptight Dragon." *

Sooner or later, in an hour or maybe never,
Before the Big Bang or after the Very Last Day,
(You afraid all your thoughts are misguided and naïve,
But you’re reasonable and pretty clever),
From the tops of the snowbound Somersault Hills
Uptight Dragon’s slip sliding away.

With the frost on eyelashes and blush on the cheeks,
He’s catching the snowflakes on sticky snake tongue.
(The eyes is watering in the gusty north wind,
The snow melts on the lips, the nose sprang a leak).
Take him up to a warmer place and heat up the milk,
And sing for Nigel a lullaby song.

He likes to peer into snowy white distance,
Holding the breath, rising on tiptoe and sighing.
(The minute hand will rotate counterclockwise,
If you cherish your dream with persistence).
As the distant light gives him a wink of the hope
He’s getting rattled and crying.

Skating on the glacier with crystal icicles in a claws,
He exhales the spurts of flame through his teeth.
(Nigel’s only friend for a moment is a dumb snowman,
Even so he’s afraid of friend’s sharp biting jaws).
That’s why Uptight Dragon doesn’t like an ice cream…
And for him, dear people, you’re no more than a myth!

* This is just early bird short introduction of the fifth hero of my upcoming interactive book for iPad. It’s gonna be the original story called ‘Looming Land’ and it’s about four reserved friends who decided to change everything in their lives one day with a little help from the fifth one. Meet them all in the App Store soon. I hope this finds you well.
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