Niats - "Sami" (Official Music Video)

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    Sébastien Girard
Based in Nantes, France.I'm Sebastien, 30 years old. I love motion design and I'm a high tech addict. I am also a passionate of extreme sports. I work every day on After Effects and Cinema 4D as a freelancer and I never can't stop it ! :)
First music video; extract from NÏATS - Antares (Ep).

Welcome aboard from a trip through the innards of the creation of the Antares world.
A 3d video clip for discover the differents feelings about this univers composed by raw metals and organic life, take a breath and welcome aboard the Antares ship !
Directed by Sébastien Girard.
OUT OCT 13th 2014 on Banzaï Lab Records.
Itunes : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/antares-ep/id922070353
Spotify : open.spotify.com/album/4kktpPBNWsgfkIlR4pJnYU
Follow Nïats : https://www.facebook.com/niats.antares
Follow Banzaï Lab : https://www.facebook.com/banzailabfanpage

A few words about this project :
Here my first experience about making a music video clip from scratch.
It was a real pleasure to make it for our music band Nïats.
We really needed to create a SciFi and scary atmosphere for this track, I have taken inspiration with Ghost in the Shell and Fifth Element to help me to built it.
The main challenge was to do it in less two month, creative researches, brainstorming and first tests included. The deadline was pretty hard to keep it, mostly because I was alone on this project.
So I decided to add a second challenge, I wanted to create everything on Cinema 4D. I usually use After Effects all day long, and I always wanted to learn more on this 3D software, so that will be the perfect experience ! (I only used AE here for compositing passes and color corrections.)
I mainly used XParticles. It was my first contact with this huge plugin! The first part was simply made with a cloner object synchronised to the audio track to start some movements;
The second part, more scifi, was made with the Greebler plugin. It's an huge half-cylinder with differents polygon slices and a greebler applied on it. The led light on background are switched by the sound.
The dark part, with all the red lines, was created with differents Xparticles emitters and modifier objects.
The organic part was made with the "Skinner" module form Xparticles and a great free tool called Proc3dural to get the procedural organic wall at the end.
The huge constraint with this idea was to always move down with the camera through differents univers and of course render time and c4d projects size. Indeed make a only one full sequence shot take time. I often have split some scenes to get a maximum of comfort for work. I always made concessions about renders settings. For the most of scenes, GI is off and AO is set to the minimum (between 4 and 16 samples). Indeed, start a render with about 1000 frames or sometimes 4000 frames was scary..
That was absolutely not easy but, I learned so much things in these 2 months. Before that, I had only a few skills on C4D and this project was the perfect excuse to work hard for learning more stuffs.
Thanks for your attention, and leave me your feedbacks if you want !
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