PES REEL 2016!

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    Pedro Estanga
Collaboration + Creativity PES is a motion studio specializing in integrating fresh ideas, creativity and experience. Our formula for success comes from the unbeatable combination of Creative Experimentation and Collaboration. Our team of creative, passionate designers, illustrators, animators, and CG and motion artists collaborates to bring live festivals, renowned brands, classic children's stories and global campaigns to life. From offices in Chicago and Buenos Aires, PES offers a collaborative multicultural perspective to our clients in the advertising, internet, broadcast, film and entertainment industries. Let’s work together! Check us out: Website: https://www.peslab.com/ Vimeo: vimeo.com/peslab Behance: behance.net/PESLAB
We are Pes, an art direction and animation studio recognized for its capacity to integrate fresh ideas, creativity, and experience. We create and produce commercials for TV, film, web, channel branding, and corporate communications. We are passionate, talented, and constantly developing new professional skills. This is how we are able to give our best on every project. 
We are based in Buenos Aires, but we collaborate internationally and create for the world. Our studio recently expanded to the United States, Chicago, which is why I’m writing today with our 2016 reel.
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